12 Sep 2022 - 16 Sep 2022

University of Freiburg / Vitrocentre Romont

International Summer School on Glass Art | 2022 edition

Collecting, Displaying and Trading Glass: Private Collectors, Museums and the Question of Provenance

The third edition of the International Summer School on Glass Art, offered in collaboration with the University of Fribourg, is dedicated to current issues regarding the collecting, exhibiting, and trading of glass art in the 19th and 20th centuries. Whether Swiss stained glass, European reverse glass paintings, Islamic stucco-glass windows, or Venetian glasses: private collectors, museums, and the art market played a significant role in the circulation of glass art, the need for museum re-contextualization and the reconstruction of object biographies, as well as the growing importance of provenance research. The 5-day Summer School will take these issues into account by examining selected glass collections and discussing them in depth with glass researchers and conservators. By means of different teaching formats (lectures, practical modules, short excursions) and the encounter with original artworks,  historical, theoretical and object-relevant contents will be conveyed.

Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Jémérie Koering (Université de Fribourg), PD Dr. Francine Giese, Dr. Sarah Keller, Dr. Frédéric Hueber, Elisa Ambrosio M.A. (Vitrocentre & Vitromusée Romont), Dr. Salima Hellal (Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon)
Keynote Speaker: Manuela Divari (Le Stanze del Vetro)

Credits: 3 ECTS-Points / Teaching languages: Français, Deutsch, English

Inscription: Nzambi Muala
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